Things I’m Obsessed With #2: Nutella

ImageHeaven in a jar….

I first learned of this treat like I do with most things….online. I hear people rave about Nutella on various social sites. So naturally I had to try it…delicious and just as addictive as a cup of coffee(from Starbucks). I eat Nutella with almost anything that can go with the hazelnut spread; bread, crackers, strawberries, and a spoon. It’s really good with waffles and pancakes…I add a dollop of Nutella on my waffles and pancakes….really good.

Nutella…the hazelnut crack.


Things I’m Obsessed With #1: Sushi

ImageThe last time I was in L.A, I had this delicious sushi roll for dinner. Whenever I go out to eat and there’s sushi on the menu, I usually order it. Sushi is one of my food obsessions; I can eat it almost anytime of day. I like all kinds, anything wrapped in seaweed and rice i’ll eat.

My obsession with sushi came when I was a little kid. My parents took my sister and I to a Japanese steakhouse for my birthday(because I wanted to try something different than Red Lobster or a Sizzler). I ordered the salmon roll and fell in love with it after one bite. Since then, I’ve been hooked. Salmon, Avocado, Tuna, Cucumber, shrimp……I have no particular favorite roll/piece.

Things I’ve Learned From Reading “The Baby-Sitters Club”

ImageI was always the ultimate bookworm growing up. While most kids in the 1990’s got excited over Skip-Its and Game Boy, I would get excited whenever I would take trips to the bookstore. It never failed, I would always end up getting a book from the ever popular Baby-Sitters Club series. I was completely a BSC fan. I knew all the characters, their families and boyfriends, their likes and dislikes, I’ve even pictured how they’ll look like in real life. From the age of seven until thirteen, I owned almost every single last book in the series…even the spin off series they had for Karen Brewer and Dawn Schafer.

Long after I stopped reading BSC, I realized how incredibly un-realistic the book was. Yes it was a book for girls under fourteen, but a good chunk of those stories were off the wall unbelievable. I’ve also realized how bitchy the girls were. The book was marketed “best friends forever whom happen to be baby-sitters” but in all actuality every single one of those girls were total bitches… Here’s a few standout lessons I’ve learned from Kristy, Claudia, Mary-Anne, Stacey, and the rest of the members of the cult…club.

If I’m a diabetic; the sight of chocolate can send me in a coma: Stacey McGill, the fashionable blonde with the perm whom wouldn’t shut up about being from New York, had diabetes. While this was a good teaching point for readers unaware of the disease, a teachable moment turned into a scare tactic. Stacey’s diabetes all throughout the series was over-exaggerated. Whenever the topic of her diabetes would come up in the introducing of the Baby-Sitters(usually around chapter two..) it’ll be described like this “If I/Stacey eats one M&M, she’ll die”…okay maybe those aren’t the words, but it seemed to the reader that Stacey would go into a diabetic coma if she even looks at chocolate cake.

All thirteen-year olds love I Love Lucy and anything made before 1970: Throughout the series, there was no mention of any pop culture event that was relevant during the series. The Series started in 1986 and ended in 1999. Between those times a lot had happened around the media. But in the land of Stoneybrook, not one teenager(or child) was watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or even Full House. Nope, they were sitting around the house watching I Love Lucy or The Brady Bunch. Were they listening to Michael Jackson or even Backstreet Boys? No, they were too busy talking about Elvis. What did they see at the movies between 1986 and 1999? The Parent Trap. Yes there are people who do indeed enjoy things of yesteryear(like myself), but to include that everyone under 18 was watching Lucy is a little insane….until you get a look at the “about the author” section in the back of the book. Ann M. Martin, the author of BSC lists I Love Lucy as her favorite show and she loves The Parent Trap and yes she was born in the mid 1950’s. Here’s Ms. Martin’s mistake, if you’re writing a book about teenage girls from whatever time period, make sure to include things from that time. Most teenage girls from the late 80’s and early 90’s weren’t watching Lucy or getting their panties wet for Elvis. 

I can pass kindergarten through the eighth grade if I wrize liek thits: Claudia Kishi, the resident sole Asian-American aspiring artist of the group was dazzling at everything she did. Her clothes, her paintings, but she sucked at spelling. The Baby-Sitters Club kept journals and the reader can actually read the girls handwriting. I always hated reading Claudia’s passage. She wrote like a future Twitter junkie. It was hard to believe that she passed all those grades(because in the land of Stoneybrook, everyone stayed in the same grade for thirteen years). 

If I have a solid group of friends, I’m not allowed to make new ones: Every time someone in the group tries to make a friend outside of the cult…club, neither of them approves and at the end of the book, that outsider is proved to nothing but a big meanie….cases in point, book 12 which is titled Claudia and the New Girl, Claudia befriends a girl similar to her. They share a love for the arts. Of course none of the BSC members are happy about it and of course at the end the girl turns out to be a real bitch. This has also happened to Miss New York a.k.a Stacey McGill. She meets a group of the cool kids and you know the rest. BSC members aren’t allowed to make new friends and have an interest outside of the club.

All Californians have white blonde hair and dress casual and don’t touch meat: Dawn Schafer, the club’s west coast resident, is portrayed to be the “typical” Californian girl. Long white colored blonde hair, dresses California casual(meaning long buttoned down shirts and leggings, which I took from the cover pages of any Dawn oriented book because that’s what she was always wearing), care about social issues, and don’t touch anything meat or has sugar in it. Years later, I would make my visit(and soon permanent move) to the sunny state. Not one Dawn Schafer in the bunch. I didn’t see that many white colored blonde haired girls walking around and I’ve seen plenty of Californians chomping on an In-N-Out burger. Plus, the only social issue that a good chunk of these Californian girls cared about was anything Instagram.  It’s pretty clear that the author never been to California and most likely got her “typical” Californian girl image from the crack of her ass.

I too can be sophisticated if I perm my hair, stay up late, and lived in New York: Another Stacey gripe..which is weird considering that as a kid she was my favorite BSC member. The others in the group made it out that Stacey was this sophisticated New York goddess that was untouchable because she perms her hair and wears more black than Kanye West and Kim Kardashian put together. Stacey’s outfits of choice would get raved every five pages(Claudia’s too, in fact, it seemed as if all the girls in the BSC had big lesbian crushes on both Stacey and Claudia.) To a normal reader, Stacey’s clothes wasn’t all that great and Claudia’s outfits would get laughed at outside of Stoneybrook.

Any female that wears makeup and perfume, and wears nice looking clothes are snobs: It seems like the members of the BSC were some jealous ‘haters’. Each and every last enemy of the group was described as wearing tons of makeup and perfume, clunks of jewelry, and chain smoked during fifth period(kidding on the last part). But wait a minute? Didn’t Stacey constantly walked around like an all black wearing clown? Yes but she’s a part of the cult. And Miss “I’m afraid of my own shadow, quiet as a church mouse” Mary Anne Spier decided to get rid of her Laura Ingalls style in book 60 and got a brand new makeover that fit into the time. A fresh haircut and the same style of clothes as Stacey…..what happens? The girls punish her for it..this is weird considering that both Stacey and Claudia walks around like they should be on the cover of Vogue(today, Claudia would most likely be on the cover of Nylon magazine).

Those are some of the many things I’ve learned by reading BSC. Throughout my blog I will come up with more things I’ve learned from this series and others(such as Sweet Valley High, where a good portion of the student body dies tragically, or gets kidnapped, or has an evil twin lurking around California)